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Phils Story

Our story, or how did we get here? It is hard to say. I'd love to tell the story of Winghead but that book is brand new and there are still many chapters to write so instead I'll talk about myself.  


I was always a guy who was told “no” or “I can't” or even worse “I'm not able to.” Let me explain. I was born prematurely about a month early, and with a heart condition. The doctors assumed I would not live long. I believe they gave me 7 years. Since I'm am long past that I guess it was my first hurdle. Not that I had much control over it.   


As a young kid in school, I was diagnosed with ADHD. My “learning disability” was supposed to hinder me. I was even discouraged from college being told: “it's not for everyone”. When I graduated early from New York City College of Technology with a 3.7 gpa I think I proved them wrong.   


My early days as a cook in BOH were fun, my chef at the time said I had drive and ambition, but he wasn’t sure I had what it takes to be a chef. Well, if you tell me “no” it just hyper-focuses me on how to find the “yes” I worked hard and scaled my way up the ladder. Hitting every title from “kitchen manager- Sous Chef, Senior Sous Chef, Chef De Cuisine and Finally Executive Chef.   

I left the BOH world around my 30th Birthday and moved into the more administrative part of restaurants. Working my way once again from Manager-General Manager. I had my struggles but who doesn't? At this point in my life, I was also wondering if I'd ever find love. I believe my partner would agree I have.   

I have been home brewing for years, mastering many styles of beers, ciders and meads. As well as making my own creations. I'm now ready to share my creations of fresh, tasty and unique beers with my community.  

I am now moving forward with all the knowledge I have gained and using it to open a Brewpub. Where I intend to create an inviting environment that is welcoming to all. (Who are above the legal drinking age) Creating tasty, fresh and drinkable beer. With my life experience, a drive to grow, and a partner who supports me, I can't wait to welcome you into Winghead for a Pint.  


Chris's Stroy

About me, I grew up in Brooklyn, Shortly after I was born my mother left my dad. And I watched her
work hard to build her own life and make mine as great as possible. Growing up, I struggled in school all
through up until Highschool. Where the two people were looking at my plans for success on a daily.
Which motivated to go College and Graduate. Leaving B.M.C.C I always took the crested words of Start
here and go anywhere took to heart. The last year of College in Staten Island. I struggled, worked two
jobs and going to school but I had graduated. I continued working at my janitorial job until moving to
financial services. In some time I had fallen Ill. I would then proceed to work full-time and do Dialysis 3x
a week. Never faltering to a disease that the doctor’s called benign for any one in my age bracket.
5/2018 where I had received my transplant. The 2 nd chance I needed, and what began as a wake up call
as to what I should be thinking about.

Then I changed jobs and moved to professional liability were communicating with clients on a daily basis
only furthered my strengths in speaking with people, understanding connections, and communications
within bigger communities. Those that were represented as hero’s in the pandemic. And working closely
with those professionals making sure they had what they needed to do to continue saving people’s lives
like they have done mine. Providing essential services presented a challenge but you never knew the
other person you were going to speak to until you were presented to do so.

During that time, I had met my partner, a strong mind, and strong willed person on his own professional
path. But just like myself, He wanted something for himself. We would get into talks about ambitions,
dreams, He went through several concepts, and I would go through them with him, as a motivator, until
he decided to proceed with brewing. Once he figured out what he had wanted he hit the ground running
trying to manifest a vision into a new reality. Something that he can call his own. While I get to see the
and help with the beginnings of a vision and continue to be the back support of him as his partner. Along
with that he had the patience to teach me, and help. And help produce a great product. It has been a
experience and it’s only the beginning.

I am not a brewer, I am more of a brewer in training. Learning from a great brewer. I am a visionary for
my partner and his dreams and a supporter for the reality. This is my part of the story.

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